The Center for Societal Progress works on a wide spectrum of topics and emphasizes the multiple connections between different aspects of societal progress.


Our central topic is societal progress in Germany. Progress is seen as a sustainable development towards higher life satisfaction, more freedom, more trust, better education, higher incomes and much more. Read more

Life satisfaction and happiness

Societal progress evolves around humans and what is important to them. Surveys on life satisfaction provide valuable and reliable information on what contributes to peoples’ happiness. A high level of education, an occupation, health, ... Read more


Money is not everything, but it makes life a lot easier. We see no contradiction between a broad definition of wellbeing and monetary income. Individuals and countries with a high level of education and a lot of social capital also tend to have ... Read more


Education holds the key to almost everything else. Well educated people earn more, are happier, are rarely unemployed, are more trusting and so on. In a modern service society knowledge and intellectual capital are becoming more and more important. Read more


Unemployment is a personal tragedy that reduces an individual’s wellbeing far beyond the mere loss of income. Several countries are showing that an unemployment rate of around 4% is feasible with the appropriate mix of measures. Read more


Health is one of the most important issues for all human beings (“To your health!”). A long life expectancy is one indicator for a high level of societal development – even if it is determined by several other factors as well. Read more

Legal framework

The importance of a smart legal framework has become visible to everyone during the global financial crisis. Free markets alone do not always lead to the best solution for society – an insight we take from 18th century economist Adam Smith ... Read more


The Center for Societal Progress wants to contribute to a better future for the people in Germany. This can be achieved by combining the best methods from futures research and the ideas from important thinkers from around the world. We are linked ... Read more